Our story

Have you ever had an experience that made so much sense that you are left to believe it cannot be a coincidence but instead must be the workings of atoms and stars applying their magic and magnetism? This was the case for us.


Sabina is an entrepreneur at heart. Strong-willed and our action-woman. A nail technician that knows her stuff. Sabina has been in the industry for 12 years and created her innovative company “Let’s Talk Nails” in 2015. At “Let’s Talk Nails” Sabina performed home manicure treatments for privates, royals and celebrities.


Vanessa is a world traveller and has been to 35+ countries and lived several years abroad in China, Australia and the USA. An academic with a business degree, Vanessa is passionate and our flower-queen. Born into a family with more than 40 years of experience in producing natural beauty products and studying healing plants, Vanessa knows a thing or two about finding ethically sourced, high quality ingredients.  


We believe in care without compromises

And what does that mean? All our oils are organic, paraben free, not tested on animals and with the fewest ingredients as possible since we believe that skin care should work as a support of self-healing. There is a great range of organic products on the market today, many with several lines of ingredients for each product.

We believe that long lists of ingredients are just unnecessary. Your body has the power to heal itself in every way. Now and again it needs a little help, but we don’t want to become addictive to something – especially not when it comes to skin care. Little will do, less is more.  We are so grateful that nature provides us with amazing oils that resemble our own skin and can work as mediators to heal damages and skin conditions.

This is why you will find that SAVA scandinavia oils only contains the ingredients that we believe is enough to get your skin to heal itself. You will also find that each ingredient we have selected has gone through the least possible treatment before mixing it into our wonderful blends. Read here to know more about this.


Sabina & Vanessa